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Meet Derryn Snowdon the-team

Derryn is an international professional life coach and trainer. She divides her time between Istanbul, Turkey where she has lived for 20 years and Milton Keynes, UK. She works with clients living all over the world either in person or via the internet.

Derryn was born in the UK and began traveling in her early 20s and has lived and worked in a several different cultures and countries.  She loves learning languages & speaks Spanish and Turkish fluently. She also loves cooking and eating though as a child she was overweight and had to learn to (& continues to) manage her weight & diet. Being active plays a big part in this and Derryn exercises regularly – mostly swimming, running and the gym.

Derryn has set up and run several business projects: tailor-made Business English courses; a staff language development programme; an international play-group and now of course a Life Coaching practice.

Derryn has been married. She has given birth to and am jointly raising three fabulous sons. She has been through divorce. Derryn has studied self-development all her life and believes in life-long learning.  As a life coach, Derryn brings to her work her own life experiences as well as her studies and skills in life coaching. She adds to that her adult training background and interest in self-development and in people.

In a nutshell, Derryn is calm, supportive, motivating and very passionate about life coaching.

 Derryn Snowdon MA., Life Coach.