dalyan-weatherDalyan has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild wet winters. It’s possible to swim nearly all year round! 330 days of sunshine guaranteed!


Temperatures rise from 30C in May and 35C in June. With such pleasant temperatures, it is an ideal time to tour the area.



Average temperatures are around 35C or higher in summer. The sun shines as much as 13 hours in the height of summer! This is the ideal time to refresh yourselves in the resort’s pool or go to the beach where the warm water temperatures make swimming a pleasure. Days start to get cooler in October, but are still pleasant at around 28C.



These are reasonably mild with average winter temperatures of 20C. January and February are the coolest months with temperatures around 18C. Rainfall is heaviest in December and January. This is the time to come if you want a quieter and more relaxing holiday and would like to laze in front of our log fire.




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